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Novelist and philosopher Christopher New is the author of nine novels and a book on the philosophy of literature. Born in England, educated in England and America, he has lived and taught many years in Asia, and is equally at home in East and West. His novels range from nuanced portraits of lives lived through the peak and decline of the British empire in the far and middle east to the darkly humorous story of an Aryan-Jewish family desperately struggling to survive the Third Reich. His books have been translated into Chinese, German, Italian, Japanese and Portuguese.

“Among the best non-Asian writers currently writing about Asia’’ (Far Eastern Economic Review), Christopher New's latest novel, Chinese Spring, is set in  mainland China and the former British colony of Hong Kong during 2012-14. Its leading characters, Chinese and British, foreshadow, in the sunset of their own lives, the sunset of democracy in  Hong Kong, where Beijing suppresses all dissent. “There is a haunting quality to the novel and it lingers in the memory long after [the] tale has ended.’’ (The Herald).

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